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Welcome to the USS LaMoure County (LST 1194) absolutely unofficial website.  Please check back again soon (and often) for updates.

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    • Had many memories on her. From the first day I step on her we became one. Logan will remember this as well. She kept me alert needing her tender loving care keeping her afloat. She was also the cause on my early career. She’s gone now farewell to the Lady.

  1. Wanting to know what happen or where the ENS is and the RMC that releived me that was there when I left the ship prior to, I belive, the last Med deployment.
    And is anyone talking about holding a reunion for the ship.

  2. I was on her from 75-77. Sept.22, 2012. Reunion planned to be held at Little Creek. Go to facebook & friend Douglas Lambert or the group USS LaMoure County LST-1194.
    I was a GMG3 when I left her.

  3. I remember it being grounded. I was an amtracker undogging in the well thing you we are doing a head count on the deck..I remember eating in the chow hall and watching the underwater divers showing huge rips in the hull over a meter long…12 AAVs at 26 tons apiece..the skipper was scared we were gonna sink her when we splashed…to be honest the grounding wasn’t even all that violent or
    turbulent…when they yanked that skipper out if there that morning we new it wasn’t good

    • I served aboard LST 1194 as one of the original plank owners with your father. As a matter of fact, Chief Parrott and I flew to Long Beach to get the Radio Shack ready for the trip to Little Creek, Va. I remember your father very well, good man!

    • I remember your dad for two specific reasons. I was a seaman when i came on board with no intent to work on advancement. He pursuaded me to study for the RM3 test, I did and passed. I only stayed in 4 years but i made it to RM2. I also remember he chewed me out one day when i came in late on a icy morning. He said i should have left the house earlier!!
      i enjoyed the time he was on board.

      • On board June 74-Dec 79. EM3 for what seemed forever. Ended up as EMC (SW)before l said screw it. Not new navy material. Sat in tool issue smoking our pipes like forever.

        • Oh yeah, still got the marks on my shins from running down the passageway to aux3 and running into shoring racks on my way to light off #3 ship’s service.

  4. i just found out that these type of sites where out there and now I found this one and as I read a post they sank her was on in 94-96 worked with the bm’s

    • Dave, I served with you the same time frame. engine room #2 then A-gang. I am not sure if you remember me? EN3 Ed Johnson, 74-77(Johnnie)

  5. My name is Robert Manning, reported on board sometime in 1975. Don’t remember the exact day. Chuck Lester was the 3rd class Corpsman at the time. LCDR Burke was the XO. Seen Chuck at Naval Hospital in Bremerton,Wa. where I ended up. I was the corpsman stricker for about a year. Went to corps school and went with the FMF. While I was on the USS LaMoure County I would hang out with John Shelhammer, Operation Specialist. It’s been a long time.

    • Robert, I was also a friend of John Shelhammer – haven’t heard his name in a long time. I was a QM & reported on board in March ’77, when she was in drydock in Philadephia. Thanks for your post.

  6. I served aboard 79-84; great ship, crew and times. Cmdr Harry Henderson was the best skipper i served under in my 14yrs in Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club. She was a special ship. I just noticed last two skippers only served 9 months, then 2 months. Of course grounding of 2000 ended a career but idle curiosity, why was Cmdr Johnson’s tenure so short?
    Anyway, best of life to all my old shipmates and everyone who walked her decks and passageways
    Jim Dunlap ET

    • was a marine onboard during desert shield/ storm. Also spent time in the CPO mess! sad to see she ended her time like that

  7. Made several deployments aboard her in ’81-83 as a SeaBee including the deployment to Beirut. Loved those years..GREAT MEMORIES!!!

  8. Great ship.. Great Skipper, (Cdr Bob Rogers -he went on to make Admiral and always gave credit to the Lamore Cty crew).
    And Great Crew… We put the beautiful lady in commission and brought her around to our
    Home Port of Little Creek, VA.. Was really sorry to hear of her demise…. Best to you all.
    Bob Wilson XO Plank Owner…

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