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Summer of 1976


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  1. served- nov.74 to aug. 77, Sad to see my old ship to be used for target practice, my memories will not be lost. I had many great ports of call in my 3 yrs with the Lamoure county,north atlantic in 1976 was the best 3 months.Holland, Denmark, Keil, Hamburg Germany, Ednibourgh,Scotland.

  2. Sad just Sad…. I was a Marine on board during the Gulf War…. Standin out on that bow with night vision goggles and my M16 lookin for mines at night…What a memory.

  3. I spent my time on the old girl from 1988 – 1992. Im now 46 and in the Army in NY. I do remember Senior chief Roundtree, Jimmy Ferguson, Chief Plowman, BM1 Sherman. Im sure more names will come back to me.

  4. I was on her for a while and yes it was and darn good time made some darn good friends marine and navy may all of you have wonderful lives

  5. I was on her during the Gulf War as well. Weapons Plt Kilo 3/2. Worst 9 months living in that berthing area. Don’t miss that…
    A big thanks also goes out to the Captain for not including us in the Battle E award! (insert sarcasm here) Nothing like inter-service rivalries I guess.

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