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  1. I recently found alot of pics from the Med cuise of 78. Let me know where to send them. Alot of shipmates…..alot of good times

    • Thanks for the offer. I’m still getting this new site set up. As soon as I have a system for posting pictures in place, I’ll let you know.

  2. Wow…..I don’t know why but I decided after 26 years to look up information on the ship I used to live on. I had no clue its been at the bottom of the ocean for 11 years. Not surprised about the collision. We got a new Captain in 86 who kept directing us into collisions with other things, we eventually had to drydock for repairs. We called him Captain Crunch. This has been interesting to learn…and a bit strange.

  3. I am looking for some pics, patches etc of the lady. I am presently tricking out my motorcycle as a tribute to my Naval career. Need stuff covering my 7 sea commands. I had a very good 21 year career, some of my most enjoyable times were on the La Moure. I was stationed on her from Feb 1981 through April 1983. I was the one you would see frist thing in the morning in the chow line. MS1 (sw) Veihl.

  4. I was Sorry that to hear that the Lamoure county was used for target practice, I had some good memorys my 3 years aboard this ship and some and visited some nice ports form 74-77. EN Ed Johnson (Johnny as some new me). I see a few names on the register I remember but no emails.

    • Johnny I was sorry to hear about her being sunk also. I ran in to Bob Cannon Awhile ago and he told me about it. I remember you used to let me use your Duster, when the ship was in Hampton. I just found out about this site a while back.Would be nice if they would get a reunion together. Hope to hear back from you, take care.

      • Hi wess you dumb ?????? I just found this site.

        I hear from squeak on my B day Betty and I all fine we are

        great grandparents to two girls

        Talk later Mumbles

  5. I had a very good time on the Lady. Some of my shipmates have been life long friends. Would like to hear from others who served on her, from Feb. 1981 thur April 1983. Thats when I left surface Navy to become a Sub sailor to get away from being seasick all the time. You called me cookie MS1(SW) Veihl. I do miss the sea, but at 60 plus I must just dream of the good old days.

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